Sianet Abrasives

Full surface dust extraction thanks to open net backing Grit on a net backing enables full surface dust extraction thanks to the open backing structure. For the first time, this dust extraction ensures a virtually dust free work environment in which one’s health is protected,process reliability is improved and the lifetime of the abrasive is increased.

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Grit Type: Blue-Fired Aluminium Oxide. 

Grit Range: P80 - P600

Backing: Knitted Fabric 

Coating: Electrostatic 

Bonding: Resin over Resin 

- Optimum Dust Free Extraction 

- Very High Stock Removal Rates

- Highly Flexible 

- Full Surface Dust Extraction 

- No Dependence On Hole System 

- High Tear Resistance 

- Primer

- Wood 

- Acrylic Lacquer                 

- MDF 

- Solid Surface

- Plaster

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