Sia 4581 siaramic Fibre Discs

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Avaliable in 115mm & 125mm

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  • Sia 4581 siaramic Fibre Discs

4581 siaramic   

Absolutely fast – The ceramic fibre disc for maximum performance. 

Ceramic fibre discs for the fastest stock removal and longest lifetime. 

Save your time – With the smoothest cut, lightning quick to the finish

The ceramic grain that makes a difference

 High-performance packaging 

· Storage at ideal environmental conditions
· Guarantees optimum fibre disc performance levels
· Prevents concave curvature of the fibre discs

 Effortlessly attach the fibre discs                                                                                                

· The convex curve of the fibre discs enables them to be attached to the backing pad
· No protruding fibre disc edges

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