Sia 4560 siaramic Fibre Discs

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Avaliable in 115mm & 125mm

Box of 50 Discs 

For use on: 

  • Unalloyed / low-alloy steel 
  • High alloyed steel

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  • Sia 4560 siaramic Fibre Discs

4560 Siabite    

4560 siabite’s coarser grits have been designed for highstock removal on mild steel. The disc also delivers consistent surface qualityin finer grits on stainless steel. . All this leads to faster completion ofyour grinding applications.

High-performance product with ceramic aluminium oxide
Active additives with a cooling effect greatly reduce discolouration
Firm fibre backing

Weld preparation
Removing discolouration
Sanding down
Surface finishing
Smoothing and blending of flaws

Material-Main application
Unalloyed / low-alloy steel
High alloyed steel

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