Mirka Roundy Dust-Free Hand Block 150mm

  • Ex Vat.


  • Inc Vat.


Kit includes: 

  • Roundy hand block x 1
  • 20mm x 4mExtraction hose x 1
  • Abranet discs 150mm P120 x 5
  • Abranet discs 150mm P180 x 5
  • Abranet discs 150mm P240 x 5

Available Options

Mirka Roundy Dust-Free Hand Block Kit for use with 150mm sanding discs

Mirka's new hand sanding block, the Roundy Dust Free Hand Block with dust extraction port, is to be used together with 150mm (6") sanding discs, meaning the same discs can be used with your hand block and you Deros or Ceros sander. As a result you need fewer different sizes of abrasives on your shelf, saving you space and money

Can be used with Abranet & 15 hole discs, 34 dust extraction holes, 8 bigger holes for 15 hole discs & 26 smaller holes to optimise use with Abranet, hose connector for the 20mm x 4m hose 

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