sia 1950 siaspeed (Sia Soft) 115mm x 25m sanding rolls

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  • sia 1950 siaspeed (Sia Soft) 115mm x 25m sanding rolls

sia 1950 siaspeed (Sia Soft) 115mm x 25m abrasive rolls/hand pads, for medium to fine sanding of paints, primers & lacquers

Application ¥ keying of new parts and factory primer ¥ fine sanding of round edges, contours and also concave / convex shapes ¥ fine sanding of primer filler ¥ sanding for blending Advantages ¥ new stearate concept reduces clogging ¥ consistent, uniform finish ¥ pressure is distributed uniformly thanks to the foam backing ¥ very adaptable to contours and curves, no risk of sand-throughs ¥ the abrasive and the work piece can be cleaned thanks to the foam on the backing Properties Removal rate: very high Lifetime: very long Stability: flexible, graduated according to application Finish: good Structure Grit: semi-friable aluminium oxide, Coating: electrostatic special process Bonding: synthetic resin Backing: film + paper Grit range: 150 Ð 1000

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