Propeel HD Peelable Coating

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Gramos / Orapi's Propeel HD is a heavy-duty, viscous liquid which dries to leave an off-white, tough, peelable film. It offers a simple yet effective method of maintaining other surfaces from abrasion, paints, oils, resins and dilute acids and alkalis. Applied correctly this peelable protector will even withstand forklift trucks.

Application: Spray, Brush, Lambswool or Mohair roller. (To give thick film)

Drying Time: 24hrs with good extraction.

Coverage: 1sq. m per litre

Life: Max 6 months

Part Number: G4600-25

Please call a member of our sales team on 0129733860 to discuss your requirements.

  • Propeel HD Peelable Coating

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