Propeel OP Peelable Coating

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Gramos / Orapi's Propeel OP is an opaque finish peelable coating designed to protect components and finished articles during handling, manufacture, assembly, storage and delivery. It can be used on all smooth ferrous metals, plain aluminium, vitreous enamels, ceramics, glass and other non-solvent-sensitive surfaces. It will protect against abrasion, impact damage, welding splatter, rusting, corrosion, chemical attack, paint resins and bitumen.

Application: Spray, Brush, Lambswool or Mohair roller. 

Drying Time: 24hrs with good extraction.

Coverage: 1sq. m per litre

Life: Outdoors Max 3 months, protected from UV light indoors ax 6 months

Part Number: G4610-25

Please call a member of our sales team on 0129733860 to discuss your requirements.

  • Propeel OP Peelable Coating

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