sia 1913 siawat FC 70 x 125mm abrasive strips

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  • sia 1913 siawat FC 70 x 125mm abrasive strips

sia 1913 siawat FC 70 x 125mm wet & dry abrasive strips

As a leading wet use abrasive, the 1913 siawat FC series has been producing amazing results for years thanks to such outstanding properties as high stock removal rates, optimal water resistance, long life and flexibility

Application ¥ flatting body filler, primer filler and lacquers ¥ scuffing of lacquers ¥ rectifying top coats (dust inclusions, orange-peel effect) Advantages¥ no reduction of quality after longer soaking time ¥ no troublesome curling ¥ very high aggressiveness ¥ can be folded and cut to any desired size Properties Lifetime: very long Stability: flexible, graduated according to application Finish: good Waterproof: yes Structure Grit: semi-friable aluminium oxide, silicon carbide Coating: electrostatic closed Bonding: resin over resin Backing: c-wt paper Grit range: P240 Ð P1500 

Each Box Contains 50 Sheets

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