sia 1950 siaspeed 150mm sanding discs (15 hole) 100 Discs

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sia 1950 siaspeed 150mm abrasive discs / sanding discs, P40-P600 & mixed grit box

For use on composites, all woods, paints, primers, lacquers, fillers & metals

Mixed grit box: 20 discs each of P80, P120, P180, P240 & P320 (100 discs)

High performance abrasive Thanks to the innovative abrasive structure and very high quality materials, significantly better removal values are obtained. The consistently impressive results are characterised by maximising stock removal. Maximum service life The ingenious stearate coating greatly reduces jamming and clogging of the abrasive. The net result is a far longer service life. Cost-effective working processes The fully harmonised system guarantees trouble-free use, reduces sanding times and, in turn, saves money. A versatile all-round product Can be used with great success on primed, filled, painted and lacquered surfaces. Intensively trialled in our test centres to ensure that it is effective on any challenging surface in manual and manual/machine sanding  operations. An attractive product range benefiting from Swiss quality The complete product range, in various shapes and hole patterns, is available in a range of grit sizes from 40 to 1500. Product profile Grit: Mixed grit types, semi-friable aluminium oxide, aluminium oxide Coating: Standard: Electrostatic closed (P40 Ð P180) New Generation: Electrostatic open (P220 Ð P600) Micro-finishing: Special process (P800 Ð P1500) Bonding: Synthetic resin Additional coating: Stearate Backing: Paper P40 Ð P600 Film P800 Ð P1500 Grit range: P40 Ð P1500 Applications
  • Ð Sanding of body filler, polyester and composites
  • Ð Sanding of new components and factory primers
  • Ð Sanding out of feather edges, rust spots and stone chips
  • Ð Shaping of primer fillers
  • Ð Matt finishing of old and new lacquers for blending
  • Ð Retouching of new lacquer, for removal of dust inclusions and orange-peel effect
All Prices are for Boxes of 100 Discs. Please allow 7-8 days delivery on this product.

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