sia 1960 siarexx 150 x 18mm sanding discs (9 hole)

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sia1960 siarexx 150 x 18mm abrasive discs

Dual action machine sanding of woods, veneer, paint, primer, lacquer & varnish

Grit: Aluminium Oxide 

ADVANTAGES Suitable for a universal and wide range of applications For manual use and use by machines Fast and safe change of abrasive with siafast hook and loop fastening system Fitting to long sanding boards used in boat building Low clogging

APPLICATION Keying and sanding off varnish and paint Sanding of solid wood and veneer Keying and fine sanding of primer and filler Sanding after wetting the wood surface Intermediate sanding of varnish on surfaces and curves

Each Box Contains - 100 Discs

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