TAKkill Additive P.E.L Polyelectrolyte (Red)

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Gramos / Orapi's TAKkill Additive P.E.L is a high-viscosity, milky-white liquid, developed in line with their continued policy of research and improvement, to offer polymer technology which aids separation of solids from water systems such as paint spray booths. The flocculants and coagulating agent allows the solids to separate from the water and be removes in whatever means has been designed such as flotation and skimming systems or settlement tanks. This helps save time and money on disposal of waste. The TAKkill Additive P.E.L is normally used in conjunction with other TAKkill denaturant products which remove the tackiness of the resins prior to separation and removal.

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  • TAKkill Additive P.E.L Polyelectrolyte (Red)

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