Wagner ProSpray 3.23 Airless Spraypack

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ProSpray 3.23 Airless Spraypack

The expert for small-area painting and emulsion jobs

Compact paint spaying system ideal for object sizes up to 200m². For spraying of emulsion paints, primers, fillers and latex paints. With DSEC Control.

  • Wagner ProSpray 3.23 Airless Spraypack

Flexible: Ideal for both painting work with hopper and paint nozzle and for emulsion application using a flexible suction system.

Easy to handle: Compact design for ease of transport and space-saving storage

Innovative ProSpray product features: Maintenance-free, brushless motor - piston lubricated at the touch of a button - inlet valve depressor for outstandingly reliable operation - and much more.

  • High Performance.
  • The innovative brushless DC Motor requires no maintenance. Due to the improved performance, the motor works even more efficiently at low and also high speeds.
  • Reliable
  • The inlet valve depressor guarantees high operating reliability. One press of a button and the valve is free.
  • Maintenance made easy
  • With the push of a button the piston is oiled and thus the packings are conserved.  The "Easy Glide" machine oil can be refilled easily. It forms a protective film around the cylinder and piston and protects the unit against premature wear.


Max Flow Rate: 2.3L/min

Max Tip Size: 0.024"

Max Pressure: 3335 psi

Motor Rating: 1.2 HP/0.89kW

Weight: 16kg

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